The Pop Project


  • Are you looking for some exciting input into your delivery of the curriculum ?
  • Are you racking your brains on how to cover the latest issues in a lively and enjoyable way ?
  • Are you covering any facet of modern history or popular culture ?
  • Is the school celebrating an anniversary - 25, 50, 100 years ?
  • Are you planning a Music or Arts Week ?
  • Or do you just want an enjoyable educational experience for your children ?

You need The Pop Project !

The Pop Project are experienced teachers and musicians and have been providing our presentations for over 11 years.

In our half day sessions, we provide a 90 minute session for all your KS2 children, and a 35 minute session for all your KS1/Foundation children. (Other packages are available)

Our range of themed presentations mean you can re-book regularly.
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Graham Skelland

Graham's 30 years of teaching started with Key Stage 2 class teaching and moved onto 20 years as a Primary Headteacher.  He played in a professional band in the 1970s and has written and produced many children's musicals.


Carol Hill

Carol has 30 years of teaching experience, mainly at Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage and has taught music across the whole Primary age range.  She is an accomplished pianist, and has sung with professional level choirs.


Henry Hutchings

Henry's wide teaching experience covers all Primary years from Reception to Year 6.  He plays a range of instruments in the guitar family including mandolin and also the double bass, and plays regularly in several bands.


Pete Richardson

Pete is the newest member of the Pop Project.  He has experience in Special Needs teaching, and has played in several professional bands.  He still plays in a big band and teaches guitar.


Malcolm Ross, who many of you will remember, was with the Pop Project for 10 years but has now retired.

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